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Although politically part of China, Tibet couldn't be more distinct in its unique landscapes, culture and people. Rugged, remote, ancient and unforgettable - this is a place like no other on Earth.

Get ready for the lonely moonscapes of the vast Tibetan plateau and the snowcapped peaks of the world's highest mountains; high passes and winding trails dotted with Buddhist monuments and fluttering prayer flags; and remote villages and ancient cities filled with vibrant culture and a gentle, deeply spiritual people.

Experience life on the Tibetan plateau and discover the ancient palaces, monasteries and markets of Lhasa, Tibet's unforgettable capital and the heartland of Tibetan culture.

Trek to the base of the remote Kangshung Face of Mount Everest, for life-changing views of Earth's highest peak; or make the pilgrimage into far western Tibet to the sacred Mount Kailash, revered by Hindus and Buddhists as the center of the universe.

Experience the stunning vistas found along the Friendship Highway, on an epic road journey from Lhasa to Kathmandu; or cycle across the vast Tibetan plateau, pausing to admire the views of the Himalaya on what is hailed as one of the world's great bike adventures.

Whichever adventure you choose; you'll be captivated by the striking landscapes, ancient culture and humble people of Tibet.

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