Where to eat in Kunming

You’re wandering around Kunming, looking at all the fancy and not-so-fancy looking restaurants, wondering where you should eat. Truth be told, there’s no way you can die of starvation in Kunming - there are at least five restaurants at every corner. The problem is rather how to choose among all of them. Trial and error? But you’re only around for a few days, no time for that. You want something that’s certainly good, something special, something on your taste, maybe something local. No problem, it’s all covered. You can find the best restaurants in the city here.

Local cuisine

Qiaoxiangyuan Restaurant 桥香园

Qiaoxiangyuan restaurant is a large restaurant chain located all over the  city as well as in the surrounding suburbs and villages. It specializes in  serving Yunnan dishes, there you can try a lot of local dishes like Steam  Pot Chicken or Crossing the Bridge Noodles. 


1. Kunming city, Xishan District, Shulin Street, No.2 EE B 市西山区书林街2号

2. Kunming city, Wuhua District, Renminzhong Road, No 175昆明市五华区人民中路175号

Average price: 30 CNY per person

Yitianyuan Restaurant(伊天园(辛伯达旗舰店)

Nice decorated restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. You will find a local cuisine here, also, it's a halal restaurant

Address: Kunming city, Xishan District, Xingyuan Road,No.625昆明市西山区马街街道兴苑路625号

Average price: 50 CNY per person

Tusheng Restaurant土生食馆

Excellent Chinese organic food, restaurant uses productsthat is grown, produced and raised on the local farms

Address: Kunming city, Jindingshan North Road, No. 15昆明市金鼎山北路15号

Average price: 45 CNY per person

European cuisine

Porterhouse by Laris Laris 扒房

Luxurious restaurant, delicious food and reasonable prices Owned by Australian chef, Porterhouse by Laris has thebest steaks in city!

Addres: Kunming city, Shulin Street, No.128昆明市书林街128号

Average price: 70 CNY-500 CNY Per person

The Wicker Basket Bakery Restaurant馨香烤层

The Wicker Basket Bakery Restaurant has an authentic European food like burgers, pizza, french fries, salads, especially it has a lot of fresh baked bread and cakes.

Address: Kunming city, Xishan District, Hupanzhimeng Residential Area,93昆明市西山区湖畔之梦小区93幢

Average price: 40 CNY-90 CNY per person

Silver Spoon Cafe Silver Spoon西餐店

Silver Spoon Cafe is a cozy place with delicious western food You ll definitely like it!

Address: Kunming city, Beishi District, Beichen Pedestrian Street,B10昆明市北市区北辰步行街B10

Average price: 15 CNY-30 CNY per person