what to buy in Kunming

The handcraft products in Kunming is delicate and special, such the Glass Painting and Woodcarving. Besides the Kunming wild mushroom and Yunnan Tobacco are also good gifts for friends.

What to Buy

Xuanwei Ham 宣威火腿

Xuanwei Ham is well-known all over the China. Sold in plastic wrappers, bags, bamboo tubes or bottles, Xuanwei Ham is fresh and delicious, you can cook it as you like and make different tasty dishes with it.

Jade 玉

Yunnan province is really famous for the Jade, there are a lot of jade carvers in there, mostly from Myanmar. You can find souvenirs made from jade in different shapes like flowers, horse eyes etc.Woman can find jade rings, bracelets and necklaces for themselves.

Yunnan Go Set 云南围棋

Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players, in which the ain is to surround more territory than the oppo-nent. It was invented 2,500 years ago in China, it is believed to be the oldest board game continuously played to the present days. Since Yunnan is famous for the Jade, you can find Go Set made from it.  

Glass Painting 昆明玻璃画

Kunming Glass Painting is the painting done on the reverse side of the sheet of glass. Painters use traditional Chinese painting, canvas and gouache to paint nature, historical sites, flora and fauna. After the painting is done, a layer of gloss varnish is used to coat the painting. Kunming Glass Painting is colorful and beautiful, it will be a perfect decoration for your home.

Ganba Mushroom 干巴菌

Ganba Mushroom was described as new to science in 1987 by Chinese mycologist Mu Zang. It is the rare wild edible fungus that can be found in Yunnan province. It grows in the pine tree forests, the mushroom looks like any other mushroom, but has a specific taste. The price for 1 kg of mushrooms is about 100 CNY.

Woodcarving Craftwork 云南木雕工艺品

Yunnan people are gifted wood carvers. They create a lot of wood items different shapes like animals, humans and so on. If you like such a craft-work then you can buy it in Kunming, it will be a good home decoration.

Woodcarving Craftwork

Spotted Bronze Craftwork 云南斑铜工艺品

The Spotted Bronze Craftwork is made of mixed bronze and other metals by special techniques. Typical craftwork include the bronze ox, tiger, peacock and elephant. They are really bright and lively.

Where to buy

Golden Horse & Jade Chicken Square 昆明金马碧鸡坊

The area around the Golden Horse & Jade Chicken Archway is a com-mercial center for tourist and locals. Here is a good place to buy handcrafts and souvenirs.

Address: Kunming city, Jinbi Road 昆明市金碧路

Nanping Shopping Mall 南屏购物中心

Located in Nanping Pedestrian Street, Nanping Shopping Mall is a modern shopping center. You can find there numerous goods range from the local handcrafts to the stylish clothes.

Address: Kunming city, Wuhua District, Nanping Pedestri-an Street 昆明市五华区南屏步行街

Dadumotian Shopping Mall 大都摩天购物中心

It`s another big shopping mall where you can find every-thing!

Address: Erji Road and Caiyun North Road 珥季路与彩云北路交汇处

Park 1903  1903公园

Park 1903 is a luxurious complex. More than a half of the area are shopping malls and brand shops. It also has a church, a music hall, an amusement park and a business center. The park has Chinese and French architecture, which makes it amazingly beautiful.

Address: Kunming city, Xishan District, Qianwei West Road 昆明市西山区前卫西路