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Guangzhou, also known as Canton and formerly romanized as Kwangchow or Kwong Chow, is the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong in southern China. On the Pearl River about 120 km north-northwest of Hong Kong and 145 km north of Macau, Guangzhou has a history of over 2,200 years and was a major terminus of the maritime Silk Road, and continues to serve as a major port and transportation hub, as well as one of China's three largest cities.

Guangzhou, formerly Canton, is China's third-largest city after Shanghai and Beijing, and it's a must-see for the intrepid tourist. Sights and landmarks, natural parks, and great shopping are just some of its many attractions.

It's a great choice for history enthusiasts and art and culture lovers, and is one of the best gourmet destinations in the south of China. Guangzhou is the city that gave us dim sum, and it is home to traditional Yue or Cantonese food, one of the eight regional cuisines of China.

The city is a thriving center of commerce and trade thanks to its location on the Pearl River. Guangzhou is also a cultural hotbed that is known for monuments like the spectacular Canton Tower and the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Shishi Cathedral), the largest cathedral in Southeast Asia.

Since ancient times, Guangzhou is a land that not only boasts a wide range of flora and fauna, but it is also one of the most abundant food producing regions in China for aquatic and amphibious animal products. A significant influx of merchants from other regions also contributed to a unique food culture in Guangzhou. Restaurants in Guangzhou are extremely innovative in formulator new dishes with various new ingredients. The people of Guangzhou not only like eating, but they are also daring in eating all sorts of food that may shock. This culture reflects a carefree spirit of not having to worry about anything in the world, and when manifested in managing their businesses, the people of Guangzhou will go all out in achieving their goals.

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