Longji Terraced Fields

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The Longji Terraced Fields were initially ploughed in the Yuan Dynasty (around 650 years ago). The outside world was too dangerous to the ancient peasants, so they escaped into the mountains. Now the Longji Terraced Fields cover an area of 66 square kilometers. For hundreds of years efforts, the local villagers have worked out a very effective way to cultivate rice on the terraced fields. The villagers might predict that their descendants would produce more rice than themselves, but they could never imagine the land they ploughed are not only used for agriculture nowadays, but also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Guilin. Pingan Village and Jinkeng Area are two most visited destinations of the Longji Terraced Fields.


  • Chinese name: 龙脊梯田 Lóng Jǐ Tī Tián

  • Duration: 1-2 Days

  • Entrance Fee: RMB 80

  • Opening hours: Full day

  • Best time to visit : May to November

  • Address: Longji Mountain, Ping'an Village, Heping Township, Southeast of Longsheng County, Guilin, Guangxi, China

How to get there:
1. Take the Longsheng direction car at Qintan Bus Station and get off at the “He Pin Lu Kou” station, then transfer to the special line car in the scenic spot.
2. Booking one day before and take a direct bus in Guilin Station to “Da Zhai”.

Pingan Village

The stilt houses and Zhuang People’s costumes and foods are the highlights in Pingan Village. Besides, two sightseeing terraces, Nine Dragons Five Tigers and Seven Star with the Moon are must-go places in the village.

Zhuang People's Costumes and Foods

The major colors of Zhuang People’s costumes are black, white and pink. The costumes look heavy, but it is a perfect match when a Zhuang woman is in her traditional costume with silver headwear. During festivals, such as the Spring Festival, the Zhuang People will fully dress themselves up. These festivals are best occasions to enjoy these exquisite costumes.

Stilt Houses

The stilt houses in Pingan Village are around 1.5 meters off the field. The stilt houses are usually made from wood. Only the pillars set up to support the houses might be stone. When there is rainfall, the soil and small stones flow through the pillars without damaging the houses. Most guesthouses in Pingan Village are stilt houses.

A piece of field is surrounded by seven peaks with different size in the Pingan Village. The field looks like the Moon and the peaks around the field seem to be stars who are guarding the Moon. The most beautiful sunrise and sunset pass through the sky above the attraction every day.

Nine Dragons Five Tigers

Standing on a terrace in Pingan Village, tourists can see nine mountain ridges and five peaks, which are considered to be the symbol of the terraced fields by the villagers. So they named the terrace Nine Dragons and Five Tigers.

Jinkeng Area consists of over 20 villages, among which the Dazhai Village is the most popular and beautiful one. Different from Pingan Village, the major villagers in Daizhai belongs to Yao Ethnic Group. They like red clothes, so people also call them the Red Yao.

Gold Buddha Summit

Gold Buddha Summit is a sightseeing terrace. It is the best terrace to see the sunrise and sunset in Jinkeng Area. Standing on the terrace, a phoenix consists of several long ridges of fields is in sight. Villagers believe it is the Buddha who allows them to see the wonder. In order to show their gratitude and respect to the Buddha, they call the terrace Gold Buddha Summit.

West Hill

Standing on the West Hill sightseeing terrace, the Cat Mountain (2141.5 meters high), highest mountain in Guangxi Province, is visible, besides, the highest peak in Longji Terraced Fields area, the Fupingbao, can also be seen. 80% area of the Longji Terraced Fields is under the West Hill. Stream, clouds and insects’ sounds are all fascinating attractions on the terrace.

Best Time to Visit the Longji Terraced Fields

The months when there are festivals are absolutely the best time to visit the fields. Tourists get the best experience by celebrating these festivals with villagers. Cole Flower Festival, Spring Ploughing Festival, Red Clothes Festival and Golden Autumn Festival are four most popular events on the Longji Terraced Fields.

Cole Flower Festival - This festival is celebrated between March and April. The golden cole flowers are everywhere on the fields. Accompanied with stilt houses, streams and stone bridges, the fields become a panting of the Arcadia described in ancient Chinese poems.

Spring Ploughing Festival – It is a green world. Villagers are working in the fields with joy and songs. Do you want to sing with them? This festival is held between every May and June.

Red Clothes Festival – It is a festival celebrated by the Yao People in the Jinkeng Area. The date is the sixth day of the sixth month according to Chinese Lunar Calendar (around July 6th). Villagers air their best clothes together to show the solidarity of the Yao People. The rice buddings are also indispensable.

Golden Autumn Festival – Alongside the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Golden Autumn Festival is usually celebrated between September and October. The lanterns and bonfire party are the major factor of the festival.

Generally speaking, the Longji Terraced Fields are green between May and August, golden between late September and October (harvesting season) and white between December and next February (covered by snow). Different tourists’ best traveling times are up to their favorite colors.

How to Travel on the Longji Terraced Fields

Hiking is most tourists’ choice. Hiking from the Pingan Village to the Jingken Area allows tourists to see and best views, to breathe the best air and to experience the real local life. Besides, there are cable cars in Jinkeng Area. Overlooking the terraced fields in a high cable car is also an excellent experience.

Longji Terraced Fields – Best Hiking Destination in Guilin Longji Terraced Fields, Hiking on Longji, Pingan and Jinkeng Hiking, Dazhai terrace fields Visit the Longji Terraced Fields to enjoy the local Zhuang and Yao People’s cultures. Hiking between Pingan and Jinkeng gives tourists best experience.

Client’s Reviews

  • talkingcorner


    Reviewed 10thJanuary2015

    We walked up into the rice terraces for about 2 hours with an assume break. also had tried some local specialities not so common which was fresh the inside hearts of the bamboo with scrambled eggs served with a traditional rice steamed in the bamboo...More

  • Flody444


    Reviewed 6thAugust2014

    Great place if you want to see the real china. Heat is rough in August and thousands of steps to climb but worth every minute of the effort

  • LondonMadmax


    Reviewed 30thOctober2011

    No longer a village but a collection of guest houses and souvenir shops. Great to visit and enjoy the scenery though.

  • Debralee22


    Reviewed 4thFebruary2015

    Such friendly people and you felt it wasn't overly touristy. Go before any more lodgings open. Try and go shoulder seasons to avoid the crowds.

  • Kateinshanghai


    Reviewed 3rdAugust2013

    The village is becoming a construction site, unfortunately. And there doesn't seem to be any building plan. I don't know how the mountain can sustain it all. Nevertheless, until another town comes to the fore, it is a good place to base yourself for a...More

  • TravellersfromUK


    Reviewed 24thAugust2014

    A wonderful remote village (even more remote the day we visited as a landslide had blocked the shorter route and so we had to make the longer trek up). Scenery to die for with the rice terraces surrounding you and the clouds below you. Everything...More

  • Sigvic


    Reviewed 17thJuly2013

    We hiked here from Tiantouzhai and were slightly underwhelmed. Although the access is far easier the views are not as nice, and the village has gotten quite touristy so there are tourists everywhere. The short hike up to the viewpoint overlooking the village is well...More

  • Broomefarmstayspune


    Reviewed 30thOctober2013

    The walk up to the village should be done at a slow easy pace. Take ion the sights, the friendly people, the rice planters and their families. I explored most of the little village, took so many pictures, and never wanted to leave.

  • Chriodo


    Reviewed 21stApril2014

    This is a very very nice village. The only downside is that there were loads of shops on the way there but once you were there it was wonderful. You could capture the spirit of real Chinese life through looking at the Zhang minority. Beautiful!...More

  • Jaya M

    Jaya M

    Reviewed 23rdJune2014

    Beautiful little village looking over the rice terraces. Would strongly recommend staying overnight for the best chances of getting a good view of the terraces. It rained on and off when we were here, but it wasn't too bad, and we were lucky enough that...More

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