Two Rivers And Four Lakes

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  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes
  • two rivers and four lakes


Two Rivers and Four Lakes is a tour project which integrates all the famous attractions in Guilin City. Two Rivers refers to Li River and Peach Blossom River, while Four Lakes indicates Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and the Mulong Lake. This tourism projection is the largest-scaled project in the history of Guilin. The project makes Guilin a real gardening city.

The project was launched in 1998 and accomplished in 2002. The 2 river and 4 lakes form a waterway around the Guilin City. The four lakes, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and the Mulong Lake, were linked by the two rivers, Li River and Peach Blossom River. Tourists can enjoy the whole beauty of Guilin City by boat now.

Two Rivers

Li River:

The cream of Li River extends 83km from Guilin City to Yangshuo. This section of Li River boasts strand peaks rising abruptly from the flat ground, multi colored crags stand erect like pillar, crystal streams mirroring the green hills on banks and ancient trees growing straight out of rock fissures.

Peach Blossom River: The Peach Blossom River runs through the west part of Guilin City. In spring, you can see peach blossoms along the river, hence the name.

Four Lakes

Ronghu Lake (Banyan Lake) and Shahu Lake (Fir Lake):

Ronglu Lake and Shanhu Lake are situated in the center of Guilin City. The two lakes is divided by the Yang Bridge. Ronghu Lake is to the west of Shahu Lake.

The surface of Ronghu Lake is smooth like a mirror reflecting this ancient city. The calm of the lake attracts visitor who want a moment of quietness in the downtown in their Guilin tour. There are ancient banyans and a Banyan Shadow Pavilion to the north bank of the lake. It is said that Huang Ting Jian, a poet of Song Dynasty, used to tie his boat here.

Shahu Lake is neighboring the east bank of the Li River and with Elephant Hill to the south. The sun and moon pagodas are standing here on the isles of Shahu Lake. The Sun Pagoda is the highest bronze pagoda in the world. 

Guihu Lake (Osmanthus Lake) and Mulong Lake (Wood Dragon Lake):

Guihu Lake is situated in Xiufeng District of Guilin City. It covers an area of 16.6 hectares. Green trees surrounds the lake and colorful lights delicate the lake in the night, making the lake more fantastic than other lakes. Mulong Lake is the youngest one among the four lakes. It was built to be a theme park. The architectures of the lake are constructed in the style of Song Dynasty. The highlights of the Mulong Lake are minority factors and ancient wall.

Tourists are sometimes offered a day or night tour by cruise. While on a comfortable cruise tourists cannot help but enjoy the waters of the two rivers and four lakes, and appreciate the famous hills along the water system. These hills include the following: the Elephant Trunk Hill, FuBo Hill, BaoJi Hill, Chuan Hill and the Sun-and-Moon Pagoda which look fantastic at night.

The clear water, naturally beautiful hills, and architecture are in such harmony that you may wonder whether you’re in a dream or reality.

Client’s Reviews

  • vtmoutinho


    Reviewed 22ndMay2019

    It´s one hour tour (55m). the best time to see day and night it´s get the tickets for the 19h30 or 19h35 boats ( ticket office in front of the Waterfall hotel). During this boat tour you will see parts of the city but essentially...More

  • angad2102


    Reviewed 29thApril2019

    Nice cruise to see things at night. the entire city is lit up pretty well and the 90-minute boat ride is actually worth the money.

  • shark939


    Reviewed 1stMarch2019

    Quite a shock to the system, having viewed the two pagodas at the start we embarked on an interesting boat trip, Everything was lit up - passing boats, cormorant fishing, bridges, buildings, trees and hillsides. Along the route there were shows by dancers as we...More

  • chrissieisawesum


    Reviewed 9thFebruary2019

    Firstly, dont book a tour! Either walk or cab to one of the ticket offices located around the lake near the 2 pagodas and choose which trip you want. My suggestion, either of the 2 top choices for the night cruise. Dont bother with the...More

  • Anteater222222


    Reviewed 27thDecember2018

    Guilin at night is very photogenic, this boat ride is a relaxing way to see the lights, lanterns and bridges. Along the route there are a few 5 minute performances by traditional musician.

  • MeiGuoSyd


    Reviewed 27thNovember2018

    Our tour of China with 4 friends was impeccably put together by Alisa Liu, China Highlights. It was done so with great patience as we made changes throughout & added another friend close to our travel date. She arranged our tour starting from Shanghai to...More

  • 258royr


    Reviewed 11thNovember2018

    It is best to this at night, because all the lights are shining on the water. The cruise is kind of like an Amsterdam canal cruise, but much better. Price is reasonable. Depending where you in guilin the access is easy. Drop of point is...More

  • Climber675603


    Reviewed 4thNovember2018

    Almost every attraction in Guilin is overrated and not worth. Don't stay in Guilin and go to Yangshuo.

  • Betty C

    Betty C

    Reviewed 19thOctober2018

    It’s a beautiful cruise of the rivers and lake in Guilin. I recommend taking the tour at night when the buildings, bridges and shore are lit up. As the boat approaches, the performers would do their cultural dance. There was one place the boats would...More

  • Chowbins


    Reviewed 13thOctober2018

    It was late in the evening when we started the river and lake cruise so weren’t in the mood for a long drawn out trip but enjoyed it never the less. We left the dock at 9.15pm and returned at nearly 11pm, we possibly should...More

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