Kunming Attractions

Kunming is the capital and largest city of Yunnan province in southwest China. Known as Yunnan-Fu until the 1920s, today it is a prefecture-level city and the political, economic, communications and cultural centre of the province as well as the seat of the provincial government. The headquarters of many of Yunnan's large businesses are in Kunming. It was important during World War II as a Chinese military center, American air base, and transport terminus for the Burma Road. Located in the middle of the Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau, Kunming is located at an altitude of 1,900 metres above sea level and at a latitude just north of the Tropic of Cancer. As of 2014, Kunming has a population of 6,626,000 with an urban population of 4,575,000, and is located at the northern edge of Dian Lake, surrounded by temples and lake-and-limestone hill landscapes.

Kunming has long been regarded as one of Chinas most liveable cities. Known as the Spring City for its equable climate, it remains a very pleasant place to kic few days. For visitors who haven't succumbed to the laid-back attitude displayed by the locals, there are plenty of temples and national parks nearby (including the legendary Stone Forest)to keep you busy Of course, like other Chinese cities, the face of K?ming is constantly changing and most old neighbourhoods have been torn down to make way for shopping malls. And the traffic jams that were unknown a few years ago, are now a regular occurrence. Yet, the essentially easy-going nature of K? ming is, thankfully, still the same.

The city center is an attraction with its two squares (Jinma Biji Square, Dongfeng Square) and five intersecting roads (Dongfeng Road, Jinbi Road, Zhengyi Road, Renmin Road and Qingnian Road). Of these, Jinma Biji Square (also known as Jinbi Square) has the most eye-catching archways and stylish architectures. Qingnian Road, Zhengyi Road and Renmin Road are the main commercial areas. The most popular pedestrian streets are Nanping Street, Jingxing Flowers & Birds Market, and Jinma Biji Fang. The city is also the focal point of Yunnan minority culture. Some 26 ethnic minorities such as Yi, Bai, Miao, Dai, and Hani inhabit this region.

Exposition was held in Kunming in 1999, the city has gained popularity in the world. With its rich ethnic character and style, and its collection of the world's rarest botany and crafts, it is a city that has dazzled many tourists Kunming is one of China's cities that are rich in folk customs, character and styles. The ethnic minority groups here are all good in songs and dances. There are over 20 ethnic minority groups in Kunming, and each group has its own unique dances. All these ethnic dances are rich in historical values. The dances encompass many varied moves, are multifaceted in body movements and the dancers are dressed in beautiful, multicolor ethniccostumes. The dances are vivid and rhythmic.there are The strange thing about the dances is ancient, yet modern that even when they are of the same tribe, they vary from one another based on the regions the tribes are located in For instance, the Yi people have seven types of dances, among which the most popular is the Peacock Dance. With variations done by different dancers, the Peacock Dance takes on different characteristics. The Yi people are good dancers, and almost everyone in the tribe is good in dancing. At the ethnic villages, dancing girls dressed in colorful costumes are a common sight!


The region of K?nming has been inhabited for 2000 years, but it wasn't until WWII that the city really began to expand, when factories were established and refugees, fleeing from the Japanese, started to pour in from eastern China. As the end point of the famous Burma Road, a 1000km-long haul from Lashio in Myanmar, the city played a key role in the Sino-japanese War. Renmin Xilu marks the tail end of the road.

After the war, the city returned to being overlooked and isolated. When China opened West, however, tourists noticed the province, and Kunming used its gateway status to the rest of Yunnan to become one of the loveliest cities in southwest China.

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