What to Eat in Kunming - Top Kunming Food

Kunming, the capital of the Yunnan province, is an absolutely beautiful city in China’s south central part right above Southeast Asia. Surrounded by mountains, Kunming is one of the most culturally diverse cities in China and is quickly becoming a popular destination for travelers looking to explore China’s hiking and backpacking spots. No matter where you go exploring in Kunming, or China for that matter, Spoonhunt has great dining options for you to check out nearby. There is much delicious food here, including snacks and local special food. What to Eat in Kunming Yunnan Rice Noodles,The most popular foods to eat in Kunming are Cross Bridge Noodles, Steam-pot Chicken, Crisp Stuffed Bun,Xuanwei Ham etc.

Steam Pot Chicken 汽锅鸡

Steam Pot Chicken is prepared inla special pot with a hollow tube in the middle. Ginger, chicken, shallot, pepper and salt are put in the pot to be steamed for about four hours, steam goes up the tube and contacts with the cold pot, then flows back into the pot to become delicious chicken soup. Betore serving, ginger and shallot are being removed. It is really tasty dish.

Steam Pot Chicken

Rubing 乳饼

Rubing is roasted cheese made from goat`s milk. It is Kunming`s classic dish.Ru Bing is the Chinese name for pan-fried goat cheese. The Bai and Sani ethnic minorities in Yunnan created and made this dish a Kunming classic. The goat's milk used for making the cheese must be firm, acid-set, non-melting and fresh in order to get the high quality for the dish. The milk is hjeated and mixed with a souring agent. It can be stir-fried with vegetables or served with just spicy powder for dipping.


Crossing the Bridge Noodles 云南过桥米线

Crossing the Bridge Noodles is Yunnan`s best known dish. It typically  consists of boiling chicken broth, to which diners add their own ingredients like turkey, chicken, tofu, chives, sprouts, lettuce, eggs and rice  noodles. 

Crossing the Bridge Noodles

Baba 粑粑

Baba is a type of thick, round, heavy bread that is prepared either plain or  with various fillings, made of flour, corn powder, sticky rice, lard, sesame  and meat. It can be sweet or savory. Erkuai 饵块 Erkuai is unique specialty of Kunming. It`s highly refined  and compressed rice cake, the cake can be stir-fried, boiled  or roasted. Sometimes rice cakes are wrapped around some  meat and veggies. As a popular breakfast in Kunming, locals  call it the Kunming Sandwich. 

Xuanwei Ham 宣威火腿

Yunnan Ham has a history of more than 250 years. Xuan wei Ham is one of the three famous and best hams in  China. Xuanwei Ham is the main ingredient in many local  dishes, ham preparation includes baking, salting, pestle,  warming and freezing.

Xuanwei Ham

Braised Wild Mushrooms 红烧鸡枞

Many different types of wild mushrooms are growing in  Kunming, one of them is Jizong mushroom. Jizong mushrooms tastes like chicken and for this dish they are braised in soy sauce and stir-fried in hot oil. It is served with tenderloin  pieces, garlic, ginger and shallot.

Braised Wild Mushrooms

Pineapple Rice 菠萝饭

Pineapple rice is a signature dish of Dai people. The rice  (typically a mixture of purple and white) is soaked overnight  to make it glutinous and sticky, then steamed for about an  hour. Pineapple flesh, raisins, rock sugar, dash of salt, coconut  milk and sliced almonds are usually served with the rice in a  hollowed out pineapple. Pineapple rice is sweet, and perfect as a side dish for a spicy Yunnan food.

Pineapple Rice

Yunnan Mushed Potatoes 老奶洋芋

Yunnan Mashed Potatoes are often called Grandma`s Potatoes, since it`s a  classic home style dish. Potatoes are boiled and mashed, then stir-fried,  and flavoured with spring onions and chilli.

Yunnan Mushed Potatoes